The Pathway to Success by Opening Doors!

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

Love doors - as they open up something new for each and everyone of us! Too many people get afraid of finding out what is behind that door... As kids we play games to choose the door where you can win the "prize" Is it Door #1 or Door # 2?

But what if both doors, or like in the below picture, many doors can be the prize? I look at every door as a new beginning or the start of an adventure. I see one adventure ending and new one beginning and it all leads to a specific goal at the end...

Maybe it's that career you have always wanted or that car you dream about or it could be that house with a white picket fence, spouse, kids and a dog.... who knows - everyone of us has different aspirations in life... But to get there you have to go through at least one door......

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